Graphic design and web development are fields of business that are constantly evolving. To keep track of the trends and innovations in these fields, you need to read books related to them. Here are some good books that can teach you about web development and graphic design.

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

By – Jon Duckett

A web designer must be familiar with the HTML and CSS coding languages because all websites use these languages. The book is visual and engaging. It is ideal for anyone, and you can always get back to it if you need to brush up your knowledge on these two languages.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

By – Jason Beaird & James George

This book is ideal for those wanting to learn about web design. The book includes five essential design principles that the designers must understand, which include layout and composition, typography, colour, imagery, and texture. The tone of the book is very simple for everyone to understand.

Learning Web Design

By – Jennifer Robbins


This book is for the newbies who want to learn web design. It is a comprehensive book on web design and development. You can learn about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and others. You will understand website structure, functionality, and styling. It is a very useful guide for learning web design.

The Non-Designer’s Design Book

By – Robin Williams

It is a best-selling book on the fundamental principles of web design. After reading this book, you can transform from an amateur designer to an expert. The book is full of examples that will help you to understand more about web design.

These books are a great read. Anyone without knowledge about web design or graphic design can understand the book and learn new concepts about the topics.