Web Development

Guide For Hosting Your Website

If you are considering developing a website, then you must first choose a good web domain and a web hosting provider. They provide you with the web space for storing web files. At the same time, they offer the services that you need for the website to be viewed by others on the Internet. Here you will get a complete guide on web hosting.

Choose domain name

You first need to choose a domain name for your website. It’s the address of your website that people will type in the browser for vising the site. It can end with .com, .org, .edu, or other extensions, depending on the type of your website. You will find domain registrars online, from which you can search for a domain name.

Select hosting server

There are two types of hosting platforms: Linux hosting and Windows hosting. Linux hosting runs scripts that are written in PHP, Python, or other Unix-originated languages. It supports MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. In Windows hosting, ASP scripts utilize .Net and other technologies.

Type of web hosting services

There are many types of website hosting services. You should choose the website hosting service depending on the size of the website and traffic. Shared hosting is one option that is suitable for small websites.

The cost of this is low as the same server is used by multiple websites. VPS hosting is also a shared hosting environment, but it is a more flexible option. It has enough resources to deal with large traffic spikes. Here you get a private server that you can control from your hosting control panel.

Managed WordPress hosting is for websites that are built with WordPress. In this case, the hosting company will be responsible for the backups and updates of the website. In dedicated hosting, the entire server is used for your website. You can use all the resources available and advanced tools to maintain the server.

Upload the website

You can upload the website by connecting the service with the cPanel’s File Manager or FTP Client. This will make the website go live. You can connect to FTP using FileZilla Client. This will let you see the files on the server just like that on your computer.

If you follow this guide, you can host your website and keep it running without any trouble. You need to choose the right hosting plan so that it can meet your requirements even when your business grows.